Collezione di Attimi Photo Exhibition Book presentation in Berlin

The exhibition shows original pictures from the book Negazione – Collezione di attimi as well as flyers
and posters from the years 1983 to 1992. During this period the Italian band
Negazione grew into one of the most influential Italian hardcore bands.
Negazione belonged with bands like Declino, Raw Power and Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers
to the first generation of Italian hardcore bands. Influenced by US hardcore
these Italian bands were the first European punk bands playing outside of Italy, who played their music faster and more extreme, were more radical and political in their lyrics and attitudes, and also differed from the traditional punks. Although Negazione’s lyrics were often personal in nature, the band understood itself to be especially in the early years, as a political band.

Photos by: Mario Spesso ( Radio bandito), Winni Wintermeyer, Helge Schreiber, Anne Ulrich, Gallo, Claudia Schewe, Bodo s Project, Andrea “Pippo” penco


The Book Negazione. Collezione di attimi, curated by DeeMo and edited by
Goodfellas, gather informations in pictures the history of the Italian punk band Negazione.
It includes a chronological sequence of live concert recordings and fragments from the
life of the band, including song lyrics, record covers, tour tickets from their U.S. and European tours,
fanzine clippings, flyers and other ephemera. The book chronicles the band’s journey,
to connect with a like-minded international network of friends based on shared
values and a do-it-yourself attitude, all before the digital age.
Special Guest: Alison Braun
Presenting ” In the pit” ( No Plan records)
Photo of Black Flag, Damned, Dead kennedys, Agnostic Front and much more…
Opening 3. June 6pm
With participation of Roberto Tax Farano (Negazione)
Michele Barox, Federica Matteoni ( Berliner Zeitung) Dario Adamic ( No Plan Records)

Aftershow at Eschschloraque
Barox + Friends
Finissage 10. June starts: 2 pm
Live: ElektroKohle ( Berlin)
Djane: Holly Hunted (Aka Zoe)